Thursday, July 28, 2005

you know you're a lost cause when...(photo post)

you turn up for your best friend's birthday party with swollen eyes, and when people ask what's wrong, you say

"I just finished reading Harry Potter"


actually, the above statment is not true and purely a figment of my imagination, because I'm now typing this on Gerri's iBook, and she's nowhere to be seen because they've all gone to Safeway to get food for a party that was supposed to start in half an hour (and it looks to be starting at 9).

She asked me to come early, and here I am, early, and no one's here.

By the way, in case you're wondering what the theme for THIS particular party is, it's Pink Princess and Gerri knows it's the only way to get me to wear pink (other than at her wedding- when she's making ALL her bridesmaids wear PINK) and she's trying to get me to wear a tiara.

Since the only pink things I own are more distressed than princess, I've opted for the Park Avenue Princess option complete with J.Lo floppy hat.

yup. with a pink outfit, I'm opting for the Paris Hilton look- despite the fact that if I even see the malnourished heiress' shadow I may just jump on her and stuff a Carl Jnr's Burger down her throat and make her keep it down. And no Paris, no coke for a week.


it's now 2am, she made me take off the hat and wear a TIARA. The things I do for that girl!

I shall post up more "hedonistic cesspool of sin" pictures. I like the sound of that. Hedonistic Cesspool of Sin. Fun.

Listening to: Cake- Daria

Happy Birthday Sweetpea.

photos akan datang...

and the new quote of the week definitely comes from DeviantSchoolgirl and TheBoss.

TO GERRI:" I think you're really cute but I don't understand you."
Adds the other fixing her with an unblinking stare "do you come with subtitles?"


Anonymous said...

where's YOUR photo with the tiara?
haapppyyy birrthday!

sway said...

chalyz: *muah* love you. thank you.

offkilter: hahahha. done.