Thursday, July 07, 2005

mr. and mrs. smith


I can't understand why people weren't too fond of it.

I mean, sure the action scenes are stupid, but because I'm not an action fan, all action scenes are stupid. Sure this one takes the stupidity up a notch, but hey. I'm beginning to suspect it was satire.

In fact the whole movie seems to be taking one big piss out of itself. Now this I like.

I've mentioned before, Brad Pitt does nothing for me, but time and again, when I see him on screen, I see why women swoon. He *does* have charisma in bucketloads and I'd safely say that if I met Brad-in-person then I would swoon too. But since he's more a 2D symbol, nah.

So. Like George Clooney, Brad Pitt is always a box office draw for me, despite the fact that they don't really appeal to me normally. Charisma, it's all about the charisma.

And it helps that Brad can act. Sometimes I think people tend to gloss over this one. Like I am doing now.

Angelina, *sighs* if you're an Angelina fan, just watch this for the scene where she wears knee-high boots and fishnet stockings, or the white dress in Columbia. *nods* and her entire wardrobe!!! I ESPECIALLY WANT HER COAT!!!!! and that look she gives Brad right after she tries to kill him. So sweet! So little girl! So black widow sexy!!!

oh. kay. Now I've gotten that out of the way, please go watch it for the story.

Eh? yeah. It's rompus rumbuctious hare-brained fun. but it's also more a comedy than an action film. Why don't people realise that??!!??

and it's a dark take on marriage. I mean, we spend a lifetime killing each other metaphorically "sucking each other's blood" so why not literally try killing each other hey?

I get the feeling gerri and I were the only ones enjoying the film. Seriously. Everyone was telling us it wasn't that great but us?

We were rolling around in out seats, laughing till out stomachs hurt, until our popcorn toppled over. and all around us, the cinema was stone-faced silent. sad. sad.

Listening to: Sting- Stolen Car