Sunday, July 31, 2005

Final Birthday Haul (and pics)

yes, I am hanging on to a cosmo AND a glass of champange-
what's a girl to do when she's being plied non-stop?
(including by the bartender who tells my friend "oh! the lively one who talks alot? SURE! tell her to come over and I'll give her something for free!")
I think I mixed about 13 drinks.

a present that includes pictures of 3 hot naked men with rawking tattoos and great bodies?
Oh yes.
Thank you my salacious sycophants.

(nevermind the fact that the other picture is of me half-naked with 2 fully-clothed "yakuza bosses")

Yes, all photos shamelessly pilfered from Tim and Nic, Photoshop Kings.

People must think I'm some sort of sex kitten with lots of callouses on my hand, because despite my evil warnings that NO PRESENTS should be given to me, I recieved,

- 3 pairs of underwear (including one with a GORGEOUS matching cami)


-2 tubes of L'Occitane Hand Cream

of course that wasn't all, (I also recieved cuticle cream HAHA...NAH. there was more)

but I think it's because I've been complaining about my callouses upon callouses that have started bleeding at odd times of the day. and because everyone knows about my mystery underwear thief and they're pre-empting the time I need more fresh pairs. Yes, I am having a renaissance of psychos AGAIN.

Listening to: Seal- Love's Divine


Anonymous said...

well... about the photoshop....



Anonymous said...

oh yeah. btw. you looked FAB that night!

- same as above.

sway said...

ouch jimmy, OUCH.

sway said...

*laughs* I guess!

Anonymous said...

So you're a lively one eh?
Happy belated birthday...

Anonymous said...

Honey, I don't think growing up = burning out, and vice versa. The heart is only as old as the mind wants it to be.

BTW, lookin' good there! U might wanna cut down on the photoshop tho'..the blur effect seems a bit too obvious.

Happy Hatchday you!