Wednesday, July 13, 2005

more work stories

2 days ago, FiloT was filled with his usual funny-sleazy quips. Usually dodgy guys get a slap in the face from me, but he's so obviously spouting dodgy lines with tongue firmly in-cheek (and with constant reminders about his beloved girlfriend) that it's really funny.

As I was busy working away, he happens to cross paths with me and suddenly says,

"I look forward to sleeping with you on Sunday"

which caught me TOTALLY off guard. I mean, I'm used to his quips and they really make me laugh, but this almost sounded....too much? and then I realised the Saints and Sinners party was on Sunday, and many of us were staying over.

It was even funnier when I realised that it included a girl with the same name as me. AND she's half of a pair of twins. So while she's (and believe us, we've asked) NEVER ever going to have a threesome with her twin, FiloT is getting the next best deal- 2 girls with the same name, of different races.

that sent us into giggles for a while, especially when the coincidences are as follows.

  • Her full name is exactly the same as mine, with 3 extra letters at the end
  • Her sister (not the twin) has the same name as my sister, with the same shortform!

What the! (Rove reference)

anyway, I've been on the hunt for a white feather boa, LONG. I found some in Reject Shop etc but they're too short, and HankyPanky above Bras and things only has Red, Black and Pink. Maybe I'll get the black one instead. FUN!

oh yes, 29th July, Party at the Long Room!!!! and if any of you are wondering what the deal with presents is, flickr pro for ONE of my accounts will be good. *ahem* GERRI?!?!


I call WhiteTrash "Gandhi" occassionally due to her calmness, save for roll-on-the-floor hilarious sarcastic jibes when the queue goes out the door and evil customers abound

This is what she sent me (regarding evil public transport that doesn't go round the city loop)

fuck! I clocked out at twenty past and I'm only leaving the city now! Gandhi is full of rage!Also I don't think that's how you spell that! argh!

I said: Spelling's correct (we're nazis that way) Public transport isn't! Bad public transport! Evil train lines! Must pose peaceful protest in front of trains ensuring further holdups!

Peaceful hey? but I already pulled the pin from my grenade. hm perhaps too soon 2 make train explosion jokes

oh don't worry. It's 10 at night. All you have to worry about is suicidal lovelorn karenina wannabes.


as an aside, I'm ordering Make poverty history bands from Save The Children. Who's interested in one?


sway said...

that's not to say it is not too soon to make train explosion jokes. I reckon it is. I wasn't laughing when I read that and decided to turn it round and read it another way.


I have friends who narrowly missed the explosions over there. (one lives one train stop away and wanted to take the same train to work but decided to walk, another decided to have breakfast and missed that train instead of getting to work at her usual early time)

kabluey said...

I like your guy friend from work already. He's funny. :)

You know you're the only person who has commented on my entry on the airline in question so far. What about the rest?? Too chicken to say anything?? And you know what, i got Darcy to call the office in Vancouver and they actually were of more help than the ladies here in singapore! *grumbles* Why, cos i not white they cannot help me is it???! :P