Sunday, July 24, 2005


It seems that everyone at works like chalyz. Or the people that matter anyway.

However, they're also all like "She's exactly like myst!"

and while chalyz and I have realised this a LONG time ago (we're convinced we're soul sisters) it's a little disconcerting to have people tell you that.

When The Big Boss said that though, I had to speak up.

"In what way?"

"aw, she's just like you when you first started"

I laughed.

I thought a bit, then replied

"She's almost exactly like me, but she's a whole lot sweeter, alot milder, and she's not as cynical as I am. Life's been pretty nice to her"

My boss' reply? "Give her some time"

That was last night.

Today, I was stuck making coffees all day, and I happened to look at the chocolate pots, and I was thinking to myself

"and there's another difference between us other than slight movie preferences, I like dark chocolate, and she likes white chocolate"

and then I started laughing.

I was the bitter one, and she was the sweet one.

clashing pop psych:

EDIT: I thought about it, and I realised that there are a million little differences between chalyz and myself, but that's what makes us different, sisters and not clones. Small little differences like that I'm forthright to the point of bluntness and she's tactful to the point of being "typically Asian". That I still feel weird and sometimes react rather violently (without meaning to) about people buying me drinks, carrying my things or opening doors and she doesn't mind it at all.

and that we're still kinda learning what we want to about each other from each other. I want more of her tact, more of an ease with people doing things and favours for me without suspicion, little things...and I guess that's exatly it. That we're still our own people with our own distinct personalities- just much more in tune than so many other people.


おにぎりまん said...

meh, I like dark chocolate too. It's the bitterness that brings spice to life, no?

Anonymous said...

are you working tmrw ? (cuz i am)
i have so many stories to tell you. and a thousand and one bruises.

Anonymous said...

You still make me smile. :)

Anonymous said...


did some investigating on the gwen stefani song...and i don't really have any answers. are you sure you didn't mean the next track on the album, "luxurious"? the sample on that one is easy, the isley's brothers "between the sheets" (but you probably knew that).

as for "cool", just about every sound in that track was lifted from a number of 80's songs--i don't know if the song was sampled from one specific song (but my knowledge of 80's music is kind of limited).

the synth-like bells halfway through the verses are a pretty generic 80's sound effect. one song that comes to mind that has a similar sound is OMD's, "joan of arc."

the guitar riffing sounds like it was ripped off from any number of 80's american bands. the closest one that i can think of right now is rick springfield's, "jesse's girl".

the bit where gwen sing's, "i know we're cool" in the chorus sounds similar to the chorus of madonna's "crazy for you", at the end where madonna sings the "crazy for you" twice. the echo-ey background vocals of "oh--oh--oh" when she sings the line "i know we're cool" might be in "crazy for you" too. i don't have a copy of the song right now to verify so i may be totally wrong about the madonna referencing.

hope that helps...

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, read the gay aussi/sng post earlier this weekend...very interesting, i had no idea.

Anonymous said...

ok, gotta bother you one more time. have you heard the jacques lu cont remix of "what you waiting for"? i'm not really a fan of gwen but i like that version.

Anonymous said...

erm bec, can you like change the blogspot link to xanga instead?


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