Sunday, July 03, 2005

24 hr in one day. I need a parallel universe.

I miss my salsa. Ok. So I have 2 left feet. but after those 4 lessons I feel like I should at least try and keep it up. Granted I joined only because of the hip hop component, but nevertheless!

Maybe I'll convince everyone to go to Alumbra on Thursday. I dunno. We're all girls though. Maybe I can convince Butterball and Andy to come. Somehow I don't think Filo Tom or Thomas will know how to salsa salsa!

I also wanna ring that guitar guy up very soon. like tomorrow soon. I wanna finish 7 types of ambiguity. I'm nearly done. Another week of half-hourly reads before I pass out should do the trick.

time. I need more of it.


my third millenium dress is in this colour.

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drool everybody. DROOL.

listening to: Telepopmusik- Don't Look Back; Freeform Five- Easy