Monday, July 25, 2005


I just did a blitz on Alan Pinkus shoes this morning, and dragged a friend along with me. Along the way, the topic of the Saints and Sinners party came up because I said the shoes were meant to match my dress and I was going for "classy prissy" and she immediately exclaimed

(in a very Singaporean way)

"WAH LAO EH! first you were skanky now you want to be all wayne cooper ladylike... *pretends to choke* you looked so skanky! I mean if I didn't know you and I was looking at your blog I'd think you were the biggest skank ever!"

I started laughing. "But the whole party was meant to be about being skanky"

tons of my friends quoting the Halloween Scene in Mean Girls come to mind, that party was seriously just an excuse to dress skanky and get away with it.

she went on

"the Sarong Party Girl had to strip to reach half that level of skankiness! I don't understand how someone can be so clothed and SO SKANKY!"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. She obviously hasn't been to Zone 3 before. and she obviously realises that the SPG isn't really skanky.

I went to work and told WhiteTrash who calmly looked at me and went,

"actually, I thought you looked classy. Naked, but classy"

which made me laugh even harder.

God I'm easily amused.


I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
in the photos
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
u make maddy look amish
silvermyst says:
who's maddy?
silvermyst says:
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
silvermyst says:


I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
u want me to ask third party?
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
cause i already did

myst says:
myst says:
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
they were like
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
why so cool one
I miss my dog {Sleeping} says:
myst says:

myst says:
I wish that were true

quote of the week (thus far)

you're like the gayest straight girl ever!



kabluey said...

Maybe when my parents are next out of town i will organise a party like this. :P *heehee* Just for the fun of it. :) *heehee* Actually, i thought you look really good in that outfit. :)

Anonymous said...

It's cool girlfriend. It was Heng Phos fault anyways. He mis-interpreted your handsignals, while I was too pre-occupied with stuff on my mind to notice what was going on. A little winter chill never hurt anyone.

X Clare

sway said...

haha. OK OK. I hereby proclaim that offkilter compared my skankiness to VS models. HAWT SHIT.