Tuesday, July 19, 2005

in Kelis' immortal words

"you must maintain your charm,
same time maintain your halo"

I was going to post it all in a nice accessible photoshopped thing, then got too lazy. So here's the first of the fallout. Enjoy.

The fallen angel and the Thai prostitute.
Her killer line?

"You liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike? You have American money? Pound Sterling? Visa? Amex? $5 sucky sucky!"

had everyone rolling around the room in tears.

We are bad. Very bad
While Gerri greeted everybody at the door with

"and have you been behaving lately?"

and the crack whore?
was far too stoned to do anything but look glamourous as only Hollywood crack whores can, and stand there, pouting...pausing long enough only to exclaim
"all the furries should take photos together!"

(or should I quote "Ol the faries shuld tike photos togither" because she's Kiwi)

we also had
  • a french maid (with a skirt so short her undies were showing, and her midriff showing in a bustier)
  • a nurse
  • 2 pimps
  • 3 schoolgirls (4 if you include the one in drag)
  • 2 bunnies
  • 1 Japanese salaryman
  • 2 Yakuza
  • 1 policeman
  • 1 coyote
  • a toy boy in hot pants
  • and one very very smashed dishwasher
Special guest star? Bill Clinton made an appearance.

If you feel an overwhelming need to say, see a headmistress being spanked by a yakuza boss; or a schoolgirl in drag acting as dominatrix over a half naked nubile young coyote; or even a policeman armed with a whip "spanking" his toy boy, well then. I'll have to ask for permission to provide ze link.


Han said...


kabluey said...

Oh wow you look really hot! And you say you're fat! :P

Anonymous said...

wahhh post 'em up all photos babe!!

sway said...

Han: but you say that to every girl.

offkilter: we absued SEVERAL. although it must be said, at the P party a few years ago, we had a much better Bill (with attached Monica)

Chalyz: oh but baby, I don't want to blow everyone's cover esp since I have no permission to plaster pics all over the net. AND. it may not be work-safe in stuffy SG despite zero nudity!

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