Wednesday, July 06, 2005

free gym pass

I have 10 free passes. Anyone feel like being my gym buddy? (NOT YOU MAGICMAN, you already have membership)


I just received this KICKASS remix of Chicane's Saltwater from offkilter. She demands that I show her mucho love.

Hence I shall proclaim on my blog. I lub you long time. *cough cough*

Now everyone knows the way to my heart. A CD voucher goes a LOOOOOOONG way with me.

Listening to : Chicane- Saltwater (Thrillseekers Remix)


Anonymous said...

i'll be your gym buddy!
thought you had 15 passes?
i'm so pooped.. feel like conking out,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Chicane's been remixed by just about everyone on the block.

A man called Adam's mix of saltwater is pretty good. Very old school mix.

IM me and I'll pass it along.

Cheers, Godbless.