Tuesday, March 15, 2005

tired and wired

what was I thinking? That last post is.....weird.

Not that I think I'll fare any better on this post- 6 coffees and one tea. woot!

Anyway. Someone asked who "she" was.

She is two people. Yish and Grace.


Yishie is crazy, mad, purple haired. Loud, proud and kooky cool. Her voice has a Dolores O'Riordan influence, but the attitude is all Yishie. It's ethereal, with power shining through. It's beautiful and deadly. Yishan singing Sarah McLachlan's Angel is a mesmerising experience.


Grace is full of grace. Her version of the same song promptly made 205 people feel like crying. Unfortunately, the recording of her performance is crap so I'm not putting it up. Her voice is Chinese-singer fragile, high pitched, pure.

While Yish makes people cheer, Grace makes people weep.

Not that Yish isn't emotion. Yish is 100% emotion. and she's one of the best showwomen I've ever seen. But Grace is one of those people. If she became a professional singer, she'd sing her heart out. Feel too much, burn too fast. If Grace were to rein it in, she could be a Christina Aguilera in terms of emotional power.

"She" has the power and ethreal quality of Yish but the emotional power of Grace.

BTW: I was at work today and I found out that there is already a remix of Stupid. It was playing in the morning - Stupid (mark bell remix). Not what I imagined, but good nonetheless.