Monday, March 28, 2005

nice girls do wear black bras

before I start, I just thought I'd tell the world that I haven't changed my mind on the last blog post....YET.

anyway, I guess the universe is preparing me to go back to Singapore because I've been introduced to an onslaught of traditional Singaporean men of late.

The type who waylay me on a Saturday afternoon when I'm minding my own business and tell me that girls really shouldn't be listening to Oasis and promptly flip when I tell them that I really really like the Smashing Pumpkins.

Yeah. The same type who like the rebonded hair girls. pale, wan, helpless damsels in distress who turn evil (and posessive) just when you get together with them. Don't believe me? Ask Gene (of Eye For a Guy/StarHub infamy).

Anyway, since I like to think I'm a progressive, independent, upwardly mobile (some might say kantang, SPG, wannabe) kinda girl, I often flip them off with a wannabe-black "talk to the hand!" gesture. (shut up ok, at least I don't claim that I'm a sista from another motha, or that I'm black inside, or that because I'm black inside, it's shown on my butt crack...unlike SOME PEOPLE!)

Anyway, I'd kinda forgotten how annoying these people were. I even forgot how I used to turn on them furiously and say "DON'T. PATRONISE. ME." ohhhh. my memory. where has it gone?

Yes. and I remember another thing those morons used to say, when I overheard it again today.

"Look at that girl. Hot yeah?"

"A bit slutty lah. Black bra"


SINCE WHEN????!!!!????????
and in defense of the Black Bra, I shall tell you why a black bra is NOT slutty.
Obviously, those guys must have seen the black bra on the girl to even have noticed that she was wearing a black bra, non? Well, the girl was wearing a black bra with extremely thin straps, underneath a black spaghetti strapped top.
She wasn't wearing an aqua bra, or a violet one, or even a red one. She was wearing a very thin-strapped black one. Why? Because it's TASTEFUL.
If you wear and aqua or violet one, it shows your playful side, and lots of girls do it here as an accessory. And besides, those see through ones, really are not invisible.
You're deluding yourself if you think those see-through ones can take the place of a strapless one. And it rubs, snaps easily, and well, to me anyway, looks kinda cheap. (not as in cheap slutty cheap, as in $1 for 5 cheap)
If you wear matching bra straps, it's more sedate. You've made the effort to camoflauge it somehow.
I mean, if you wear a black bra under a see-through white top, depending on who you are, what your attitude is, and what you're wearing, it can look rather slutty. But just coz that's one way of wearing it doesn't make you slutty wearing it any other way!
I have knee-high leather black boots, short skirts, and stockings (not fishnets though). I just don't wear them together. Simple as that.
And honestly guys. Do you really think that if you wore a somehow more virginal white bra under a black top it wouldn't show?
Kindly refer to your nearest tabloid where you'll find out that flashes in cameras have a very charming habit of revealing your underwear (and its colour) to all and sundry by making your previously opaque skirt/dress transparent.
So boys. next time you take a flash photo with a girl and her underwear doesn't show, and it's a tight-ish non-cotton or non-denim black top, chances are she's wearing a black or darker coloured bra.
does that make her slutty?
Someone (read: another one of these conservative guys) asked me why gays can't be sent into hypnotherapy to "straighten themselves out".
I OBJECT!!!!!!!!
It's one thing to say that perhaps they can be counselled for childhood trauma (imaginary or otherwise) and perhaps if the trauma is addressed they can "become straight".
It's quite another to suggest hypnotherapy. Mind control to MAKE YOU become straight?
How about this. I hypnotise you into gaydom.
I'll make you become the biggest most OUTrageous queen who oils his body and prances round "like a pansy" on the Sydney mardi gras floats in nothing but a white loincloth, angel wings and a halo. I'll make you PEE in rainbow.
How would YOU like THAT?
***end of rant about people who are either stupid, idiots or morons***