Wednesday, March 09, 2005

2 degrees of annendums

had an intense 3 hr session of International today, and I have a greater understanding of LKY perhaps. In a different view.


in further proof that there's only 2 degrees of seperation in Singapore really, I was having a break in International, went downstairs to get a coffee, and promptly bumped into S, who's a coursemate from my undergrad days.

With her was M, who was her primary school friend she hadn't seen in 12 years. I took one look and went "don't you remember me?"

He was M aka Jon's friend (and Jon won't mind his name blasted on my blog because his housemate angela does it on a regular basis) who went to school with him in Jakarta's British Intl School.

and Jon in turn, was Fish aka Blurboy's classmate and boarding buddy in Perth. And Blurboy of course, is one of the Fab 5....the constants in my ever dizzying ever-changing world.

M and I had met 2 years ago at....some bar outside a mall called suntec and we'd gone to Geylang for supper...and ended the night with a romp through the red light district and a dare for an accompanying friend to go "take a look in the aquarium". (local slang for visiting a prostitute) I think he was a tourist. Or something like that.

Honestly, that's all I can remember. but yes.

The latest in the Singapore is too frigging interconnected. It's incestuous.

As an aside: Jon, if you ever read this, CONGRATS! Hear you have a bigshot job!

As another aside: Fab 5 (now more like 6, or even 7), WHY do you have a photo of us looking like IDIOTS on ALL your friendster profiles???? AND. Jo is missing!