Monday, March 14, 2005

delirious rant from lack of sleep

I've been trying to fall asleep and I can't. Bloody no idea why. Tried this afternoon, nup. Tried to study, ended up doing one of my song blogs (all rights reserved).

Anyway, the weekend was absofuckinglutely fantastic. Especially since it's most probably the last time I'll ever set foot on Anglesea ever again.

I'm a person of extremes and I swear I spent the whole weekend swinging from deliriously happy-to-be-there to depressed-this-is-only-going-to-last-3-more-months.

Which of course leads to my songs blogs.

I think I might write song blogs more often now. It's my sneaky little way of publishing lyrics of songs I really like without looking like an absolute moron, or a thirteen year old.

Everyone who's read my old blog knows I write the occassional story, and very often they are based on songs. The last one I seem to remember was "melbourne" at chalyz's bequest, but it can't have been that long because well, I just have too many stories in my head!

Ah no. There was the one about the girl with the golden heart. I remember now! I think there was more. Someone remind me! Was the one about the toes in the water (which is what I based it on) before or after that? Maybe I should rewrite it so her toes get bitten off.


The last one, in case you didn't figure it out, was based on Stupid by Sarah McLachlan. It's not as obvious as the other song blogs I've done, but well, I guess I was inspired by her remixed album and the fact that Stupid was playing on radio while Fear the remix was on my comp. Fear is still the best track ever and her voice really suits techno surprisingly enough. (unlike a certain other Canadian whose surname begins with a D)

I'm not too keen on her uber-feminist ways, but the woman's voice is phenomenal. And it's also based on an old family friend/friend's friend/every possible sort of connection friend/ of mine, S. Because I've just heard news he's still in Melb! YAY! and if you know which band I'm referring to, you'll realise I actually placed their name as a subtle reference in Stupid. (and now I'm patting myself on the back. Gee I'm subtle!)

It's the usual crap I write. Bittersweet. (I'm referencing myself! AGAIN! HA! If any of you know what I'm talking about, add 10 brownie points from me) But since the theme of the weekend was "slasher flick" (I'll update you another day) I was thinking of writing one to La Vie En Rose.

Only beacuse I nearly slashed everyone's throats to FINALLY get the Louis Armstrong version TODAY. About 10 million years later!


Anyway, Fayz, this one was written with you in mind. (even though you're not the one who knows S. and it's The Divorce Lawyer who does. No prizes for guess who that was! I like my irony ok. Gimme a break!)

OK guys you have been warned. If you don't want to read it, don't read the post that says "La Vie En Rose" on it.

Also coming up:

Bush- Letting Cables Sleep
and maybe,

Eric Clapton "Tears In heaven" because I *think* I've done "I'll be there before the next teardrop falls" hmmm. maybe I haven't. Maybe I'll do both.

Dream a Little Dream's already been done by cowboy to devastating effect. (shameless plug)

Maybe, Missy Higgins Nightminds, Sarah McLachlan's Black and White, the list goes on. Sheesh.

Maybe I'll do one for every week I remain in Melbourne. We'll see.

P/S If you didn't get half of what I was talking about, that's alright. I didn't either. If you didn't get half the references, that's all right too, because they're private jokes. Kinda like specific friends decryption inside joke only.