Thursday, March 10, 2005


poooooooped from work.

Someone sent me the Singapore Universe contestants and lo and behold, one of the contestants is an acquaintance from swimming days. Hello CK2. You look oh so much better without pancake makeup that's 5 shades too light for your skin and bouffant hair about half the height of your head. *ahem* Blurboy, alaia, YES, That's CK2!!!!!!

And there's a very very too-young but oh so hot boy sitting opposite this terminal in the library. Overheard: his dad's Indonesian Chinese, mother's Malaysian Chinese-Dutch-French courtesy of a Dutch-French grandmother.

Given he's mostly Asian, he has all the Asian features with a slight sharpness, hazel eyes, and a street cred look so popular among the Aussies. Wax in hair, ipod in ears, some street savvy brand for a top and hipster jeans. He's got Asian build too, the type that's impossible to get fat, lean but yes, he works out. And he's nice and tanned.

And he's driving me to distraction. Everything's taking twice as long to do because he's smiling into his computer screen with his hazel cat-eyes. (and everyone knows about my cat eye fetish, as well as my dark hair/light eyed fetish, and if it comes with tan skin all the better fetish, and lean men fetish) In other words, he's a prototype of guys-I-find-extremely-attractive. In fact, it's all my fetishes rolled into one! Almost all anyway.

Anyway. Back to work. Enough perving. I swear one day, I'll take a leaf out of snow white's book and start leaning towards young men.