Tuesday, March 01, 2005

in the immortal words

of a certain gerri, (paraphrased)

why the hell is it so difficult get together with someone?

I mean.

On paper, it looks like the easiest thing in the world.

Take one boy, one girl and mix equal parts sexual chemistry. Make sure there are no chemical blockers, and voila! They live happily ever after- until the next person.

But no. Apparently it's the sexual chemistry that's the biggest problem. Most people are non-reactive to most other people. It's like trying to mix Argon and Neon. (and makes me sound like the chemistry nerd I really am not)

Of course, this is good, seeing that if it did happen that way, the whole world would be bonking like bunnies.

But still. It makes the search for someone all the more difficult. Of course ideally, you don't even bother searching. They just kinda fall into your lap. Just like that.

I spent the afternoon trying to talk to someone I just couldn't.
I spent the evening confessing my crush to someone I knew didn't like me back.

it's a strange little world out there.

and I spent this morning on a pointless trip to work because I only start in 2 hours.

listening to: Bush- Letting the Cables Sleep.
(Bush was Balthazar in Constantine! How weird is that!)