Sunday, December 04, 2005

this is just a list of shit I have to do...

  • find out how to get a letter from DIMIA asking for Assurance of Support
  • booking the HIV test and seeing if i really need a new health check (goodbye 250 bucks)
  • paying my water bills
  • booking time with eric to see his place, and house hunting in general
  • pay my health insurance
  • arrange my grad ceremony photos
  • arrange itinerary for parents
  • ring agents to threaten to kill them if they give me more false info.....and make sure they haven't vanished

so technically my day HAS to start at 8.30 tomm morning or I'm screwed.

and so I don't forget, Tuesday afternoon is reserved for househunting which is why I swapped shifts. I tend to forget these things.


Anonymous said...

Are you looking forward to your graduation ceremony?

I was dreading mine. Went back to our land of origin because my mother HAD to see me in the cap and gown, getting my rolled paper from the guy in an even more bombastic cap and gown.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Maybe you need a PDA :)

Elmer said...

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