Tuesday, December 13, 2005

these "soothing tracks of peace and tranquility" are not working.

Serenity is not reaching me through my murky depths of misery through the thick ropes of stress.

annoyance levels are so high, I'm almost angry.

I'm tired, stressed, and cranky.

as you can see, I'm not even trying to make this crankily, rantily, sarcastically funny.
and I'll probably laugh in the morning.

but in the meantime...


LISTENING TO: Bach- Christmas Oratorio: Sinfonata


Michael McClung said...

Nice Linguist. Gooood Linguist! *backs away slowly*

Anonymous said...

Erm... Have a chuppa chup?

*Waves chupp chup franticly in effort of self preservation*

Cheers, Godbless.

Anonymous said...

what happened babe?

(you can email me)