Saturday, December 17, 2005

asian parents

Whenever the Asians want to get a point about their parents across to other Asians, we say "Asian Parents" and the other parties normally nod knowingly.

They're just one of a kind.

Like Russell Peters' skit about his dad watching the mardi gras on TV and seeing some gay indian guys "DO YOU KNOW THEM??!!!???"

and Russell Peters just looking at him like he's gone daft and saying, "NO, why the hell should I?"

"because there are a lot of gays in the entertainment industry and YOU are IN the entertainment industry"

well, my parents just left after a week and in their aftermath I have

4 clothes hangers (because we won't use it and you need it and we brought it specially for you)
about 5kg of mangoes and 3 tangerines so huge they're the size of my size 9 feet ( too enamoured with Aussie produce)
an old shower curtain (you're moving! besides, it can be used as a table cloth! Look, it's so neutral the colour somemore)
lots of bank issues
lots of stuff solved


lots of issues in general

don't get me wrong. I like my parents. But asian parents are possibly the only ones to travel over 14000 miles to hand you clothes hangers, 2 pairs of cotton boxers that once belonged to dad but are too small, one pair of men's running shorts complete with ball support, and an old shower curtain that smells like nana's closet.

Graduation presents also included a little God Loves You Booklet (from Mum's secretary, hellbent on converting me since I hit puberty). God loves me yes I know. For the booklet tells me so!

they've been startlingly nice this trip I have to say, and I have to sleep now...will wake up at crack of dawn to call them


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha spot on! On the clothes hangers, cotton boxers and Russell Peters.

"Girl ah, before we came there was a news reader from ____ uni. Do you know her?"

"No ma"

The inevitable question:


Anonymous said...

Right on the dot! The parents who bring you all sorts of odd things you told them beforehand you didn't need or want, then they get offended when you don't want to take them and claim that you don't appreciate the effort they've gone to to transport them all this distance.. Even if you're moving and it means more to pack you still will end up with strange clothes and obscure odds and ends.
Asian parents... *shakes head*