Wednesday, December 28, 2005

that green rubber tutu kinda grows on me (and secretly, I still have a crush on atreyu)

so. I watched a remake of one of my few childhood celluloid movies. i.e. The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

and while I really loved it, WHAT IS IT WITH MIDGET INDIAN ACTORS?????

1st LOTR, then Willy Wonka, now this?

other than that, the white witch was suitably scary (although I really prefer the TV version because she was so much colder....not passionate and fiery- although it could've been because I was 6 when I saw that, and her palace was blue themed (more icy than eerie) and glided round in a sleigh even within the palace) mmmmmm turkish delight. I ate turkish delight in Turkey long before I read the books so I don't have a strange affliction of turkish-delight-phobia that a lot of other people seem to have. (although I have heard heaps of people wanting turkish delight because of the movie)

nonetheless, if there are any girls my sister's age reading this, I recommend this one for the perve factor as opposed to Harry Potter.

Cedric Diggory? I mean look at THIS.

sure he scrubs up....OH KAY

but if that's the best that dear old Potter can offer when everyone knows that there are many more good-looking guys resideing in ye olde united kingdoms (what? Cho Chang had a distinctively Scottish accent, don't tell me you couldn't hear it) then dammit, on perve factor alone Narnia should win. (on an aside note, where the hell do they get all these kids who can really really act?)

other than that...the lion really rocked, I wonder if they employed FF animators to do that old individual hair strands trick. hmmmm. centaurs were cooler than I thought they'd be, and gosh, they had gryphons! a lot smaller than I'd imagined but pretty cool anyway. hmmm gryphons.

ok. 1st midnight mass at St Pats, then Narnia. I reckon I'm getting more Christian allegory than I bargained for.

Faith is a many spledoured thing.

Listening to: Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins - A Lil Low Now

p/s mummy? why are white tigers evil? why are leopards good? But I like white tigers. and the lion! Daddy, I want white tigers and Aslan for Christmas.


bun said...

I didn't see any midget Indian actors... Hmm

Narnia was fantastic. I haven't read the book, but I loved the scenes with the lamppost at the beginning and the end of the film.

sway said...

dearie, but he DIDN'T. susan looked really tall too.

sway said...

erm, that dwarf assistant to the white witch was indian.