Tuesday, December 20, 2005

coz I'm pimpin


I had a bad day and couldn't be bothered looking for my good angle before I took the photo.

You know, the angle where my hair is radiantly bouffant so I have an Angelina-esque blow wave, my lips look plush, the mysterious non-herpes on my skin (they're not on my lips dahhhling, they can't be!) are but charming freckles, and my contact lenses make me glow, baby, glow.

ahhh you know what Asian Blondes are like, we're all the same. Give us some black eyeliner and an unsteady hand, and we look shit hot. yeah man. Even Zhang Ziyi could look hot if she actually followed those rules! That girl really needs some plastic surgery. Then she can look as good as I do!

one day, when all this is done, I'm going to party till I don't remember my name. Actually, I'm not too sure if I remember it right now.

tra lala....what was I saying again?

oh. whatever, btw reddirtgirl has been doing a fotolog of Nicole Richie carrying things. She's so strong that Nicole. Sometimes she even manages a Starbucks Venti AND a mobile. I was so impressed. Until I saw the skinny Olsen.

Look at the size of that folder AND a Starbucks Venti! I almost thought she was clinging on to it for support for a moment. young kids nowadays. Maybe I should schedule in a liposuction. Everyone's talking about Paris and Nicole and Mary Kate and Lindsay and Jessica and their little skinny bodies.

Oh it's so hard being gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

yikes! that photo scared me!
finally managed to get on the net. just got outta hospital. imagine.
update me on your parents!
merry christmas bella!

sway said...

er, you or your grandad?

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