Thursday, December 01, 2005

escape from x'mas!

I ran away from the work x'mas party and went grocery shopping instead. I didn't know anyone and I wasn't in the mood to walk up to people and introduce myself. However, I craftily made sure I was conspicuous so no one can accuse me of a no-show.

I even took some time out to soak in live covers of big band tunes like "come fly with me" and "beyond the sea". AND grab one of those unidentified fried objects being passed around on platters by formally dressed waiters. (not to mention I had a cowboy hat perched on my head and said hi to everyone in my section of the company)

I am so good at this shit.

Does it matter that I piked half an hour in... after spending almost all of it on the phone to gerri? I think not. In fact, I even managed to secure a Cabcharge (which I didn't use because I'm a nice decent honest law-abiding sort-of-citizen of Singapore, the land where they hang people)


It's time for a new haircut...I graduate in 2 weeks and I can't resemble Barkly from Sesame Street. Especially when my sister is into the bad habit of posting my grad photos on HER friendster account and somehow managing to choose the one in which I bear a striking resemblance to a pig.

Friends have recommended Rokk Ebony. I will consider it most carefully given that I will be broke this month. (and it's only the 1st!) other options- Lure on Smith St, Xiang QV


looking at eric's place next week...if not, I NEED A HOUSEMATE!!!!! been looking at shared accomodation, but it's tough when they're all available immediately or in 2 weeks and you really want something for mid-late January.


I need a day off. I will be getting some when my parents come. But I don't consider those days off. I might need a day off from those days off. I need it to sort housing out, and pack. and shit like that. You know. Life.

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bun said...

A church friend's daughter is going to UniMelb, looking for roommate. Let me know if you don't mind me giving her your contact? Thanks.