Wednesday, May 18, 2005

still alive

barely. but I am.

I have recieved my 1st wedding invite!!!!!

Of course I've been to receptions, too many Chinese Wedding dinners (you know, because you're the grand-aunt of the person getting married who's related through your cousin 6 times removed by marriage), the odd staff wedding of parents, blah blah.



I am so happy.

It's gonna be a really posh wedding, and apparently while it's gonna be a thoroughly white western wedding reception I'm attending, the bride is turning up in Tibetan traditional dress because her hubby's Tibetan. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

A nice reception by the bay with a bride in Tibetan dress replete with bells and stuff!

WHHHEEEEEEEEE. It's the marrying season I swear.

because less than a week before this wedding, I'm attending an engagement ceremony (this one's Hindu/Northern Indian). Must go dress shopping after exams.



Anonymous said...

Fwah man!!! Tibetian wedding! Please take pictures and post them - that's just so cool. :)

Ah, can you believe that Farah is already married? You know her? From TNS? She got married two years ago. And I have 4 people in my Dunman class who are married too. But I have yet had a good friend who's getting hitched. And in a way, I'm glad. I think adult live is creeping up on us WAAAY too fast. Before we know it, those little buggers will be crawling and bawling all over during class reunions. Haha.


Anonymous said...

hmph. you think your life is so exciting. I, on the other hand, am attending an engagement party ON A CRUISE. wait is that right? okay okay so it's a cruise-engagement party on a BEAUTIFUL BOAT! not some boring old restaurant like the pier. HMPH!!

(ps i wanna go to port melbourne for fish n chips! n i found another indian place in flinders street!)

sway said...

peishan- heard about farrah! yeaaaah. xinli's still in contact with her.

chalyz- awwwww diddums. you'll have to tell me who and show me pictures!!! miss you too. tomorrow or sat is good if your parents haven't booked you

Unknown said...

Sounds great fun! And having a tibetan wedding is a new one, never seen anyone does it before yet!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.