Tuesday, May 31, 2005

saturday yum cha

As all people know, any decent Chinese restaurant worth their MSG has bad service. This applies the world over**.

King Bo on Russell obviously aims to please.

PhD@23, me, pacinoswhooha. all of us looking very tired, stressed and generally not our best. (could have something to do with the flash too)

Don't worry. No staff were hurt during the taking this photo. I did not use my chopstick ninja attack skills on anyone.

However, we had at least 3 staff members walk straight past us when we asked them to take this photo because, well. They just did. and still no chopstick attack. I must pat myself on the back for such restraint.

The food was average, and I even resorted to Maxims for egg tarts for my groupmates instead of King Bo's. What they did have however, were massive intricate remakes of classical Chinese boats instead, including the Chandelier.

Anyway, soon after, I had to trot off for group study.

The End. (man I suck at photologging)

** I jest. Good Chinese restaurants don't really use much MSG. If they do, I usually don't go back. I wasn't kidding about the bad service though. My Brit friend Yowie once told me there's a restaurant people go to in one of England's Chinatowns to get bad service.