Monday, May 09, 2005

my memory is as crap as crap can be

Chicken and Val have been writing beautiful memories they've had of me (and not as a fat snotty little brat either)

I'm afraid to say the good in me was probably used up far too early, resulting in the bitch from hell I am today. (or so I tell everyone)

I honestly don't remember that memory Val! I remember Miss Lee because like everyone, I idolised the crap out of her (before we met Miss Tan). I'm still a rabid purveyor of er 'justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress' *cough cough* only because I believe people should get appreciation where it's due and it's NOT FAIR if you do better than everyone else and don't get recognition now is it?

and an orthodontist at 8?!? are you serious?!? how come I don't remember that!

I remember things that are utterly embarrassing. I was a disturbed child.

Like how I used to blatantly ask for people's food in P2 because my mother had put me on a diet of one apple and a tetra pack of UHL milk that was constantly sour. and how people ( I can't remember who they are anymore) had to go tell the teacher...and my mother then gave me a handful of these horrible biscuits in addition to the apple and sour milk.

This was in the days before I swore off recess altogether and became anorexic in P6.

Anyway. here's a little recipro-post


Chicken asking for breast meat (which is how she got her nickname) during recess.

Playing Fool's Ball.

Ah ha. Nigel being your neighbour!

and then the huge 'scandal' when we found out KJ was your cousin.

man we were so jobless!

I remember glasses, tan skin and untamable hair that always stood at some odd angle due to its thickness.

I remember 6G and 6H always used to go on class outings together, and we'd constantly be at the back of the bus, SINGING. How the teachers coped wth us I don't know.

Oh and I think that you were a yellow number (i.e. the sun formation) during the SEA Games opening ceremony. Am I right?!?


I remember Val much more clearly. (she had a blue or green tag for the SEA Games I think)

Val also had crazy hair. I think we all did.

I remember her (old) house. and I remember loving the crystal hanging over the venetian mirror in her doorway.

Parties at her and Jo's house.

Her crazy mother. Her mother used to drive everywhere like it was an emergency, and when she came to pick us up from ANYWHERE you could hear the engine a good 2minutes before you even saw the chilli-red sports car. I've come to realise that most doctors are slightly crazy in a fun way. Her mum was the fun-ness.

I remember her parents coming over to my house to take tips from my parents on their new place.

oh. and of course, I remember sam.

AND. Val and Jo were responsible for introducing me to TaeKwonDo.



Anonymous said...

No lah, no braces at 8. With milk teeth still falling out, how to? Can't remember exactly when though.

Gosh, yes the SEA games.

You forget chicken mama's umbrella hairstyle? :P Mine couldn't have been worse. Hahahahahha. I have photo evidence! From some Pri 4 Sports day thing.

Miss Lee Mun Ling was nice, but retrospectively, she shouldn't be publicising marks, good or bad. Do you remember a Jamie? It was this sort of thing which probably precipitated her perpetual comparing of her own marks with mine. Extremely irritating I tell you.

sway said...

*blank* I meant it when I said my memory was bad. Jamie?!? OH WAIT I DO! She lived a few streets down from me.

I don't know what happened to her after P4.