Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm stupid, okay.

(orginally written last monday)
I find that the content on each blog provider varies.

Xanga for example, has many more comments due to its eprops system, and Blogrings. The content is mainly either a) emo b) personal for private purposes c)personal for public purposes d) pictures.

Being on blogger, you find so much more political content.

and while I like the anonymity blogger gives me, the seriousness with which people blog hurts my brain.

I read blogs for entertainment. And while learning about things from all over the world certainly constitutes entertainment, some of the topics are so academic, or written and argued in such an academic way, that my head hurts.

I mean, it's my fault my blogreading time of preference is late at night before bed, but to ask me to say,

"describe why the exploding frogs in Germany may be related to oh I don't know....Catholic rhetoric and the Apocolypse"

is while entertaining, extremely brain draining. I try to give answers as best as I can. But I realise honestly,

I'm just stupid.

So I'm just going to moesy away, mind my own frigging business, and have nothing to do with politics, lawsuits or social issues at all. I'm just going to read it all, absorb, and read everybody else's comments.

My brain can't seem to cope with active participation. It's like a "single-use" thing. I comment once, and when someone else replies to anything more difficult that "Hey HI!" it simply shrivels up and disappears into gibbering idiocy.

I think it just registers :ACADEMICS. NON SCHOOLWork RELATED>>>>AUTO-SHUTDOWN.


actually, it's just an excuse. I really am just plain stupid.

Goodnight guys. I'm going to sleep instead of allowing my bimbotics to pervade.