Tuesday, April 12, 2005

tell me stories boss

my boss is actually quite entertaining when he isn't being a grump. He's been telling me lots of stories about Israel of late, and this morning, he told me he grew up in a kibbutz. I wanted him to tell me more but he didn't want to talk about it, saying he found it too traumatic.

He says little things about his time there though. Little kiddy things, or minor everyday amusing things.

I've decided the man watches too much TV, but otherwise, he's honestly the coolest boss. AND he puts up with me whining in the morning.

"Boss, I haven't woken up yet. Make me a cawfee!!!!!"

"FREAK. What coffee"

"Anything. It's the caffeine that counts. Oh make it skinny"

*boss pulls face*

he considers skinny coffees to be an abomination punishable by ugly coffee foam. He makes me a nice one anyway.

"Why do you even bother?" he mutters

"I've been drinking skinny milk since I was 3 Boss, I genuinely don't like the taste of full cream"

"WHAT! Since you were 3? WHY?"

"Because I was a fat kid. My parents put me on a diet"

"FREAK. No wonder you turned out like that"


I later got my revenge...

"I have to go home for my brother's wedding"

"Whoa! you have a BROTHER? I never knew that!"

"I have 2. One older, one younger."

"Ha! Middle Child! No wonder you're like that!"

He tries very very hard to look angry, but you can see a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.


He tries again

"What are you doing here, FREAK"

"Having coffee with gerri. It's the only time I could fit in this week"

Gerri: "You changed Boss! AND you've had a haircut since this morning!!!!"

he goes on about not being able to find DKNY shoes in Melbourne, and we try to name places.

"You have good taste Boss, and you love your brands" says Gerri

I laugh "yeah, but then he goes out and buys about 10 of the exact same thing! 5 of those black polos, 2 of this very shirt (I yank at his shirt, he mock glares), 3 of those jeans he's now wearing"

"TWO." he cuts in.

"yeah. TWO."

"Well at least he can coordinate colour!"

"Yeah silvermyst, what kinda colour coordination is all black anyway?" he looks at me with a look.

"It's called work clothes Boss. Remember I was here earlier????"


He's a toasted marshmallow this guy. All gruff and curt on the outside, soft and squishy on the inside.