Thursday, April 21, 2005

oh ok

here. talk.


sway said...

you are so funny! I streamed Unfinished Symphony. Not bad at all!
and I'm not in the lab pics because I HATE pics. remember?

sway said...

sympathy. I just checked it up in amazon. sheesh. no wonder I had such trouble finding it. you'd be surprised at the number of hits I got for Unfinished Symphony though.

Anonymous said...

haha okay gotcha! i wish u'd leave this commenting thingie on all the time. my head is absolutely hurting right now! *groans*

b3108 said...

hi! haven't check your 'new' blog (and hence haven't left comments) since you left xanga, which makes it a long while now... it's ironic that you left xanga to go to blogger, and i left blogger to go to xanga! (wierd!) good to see you're still going strong with your blogging... i sort of forgot how unique your writings were! keep it up, champ! =)

and yes, i agree what 'chaylz' wrote here... let us comment on your blog more often! (pleeeease...) ;-)