Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm such an ad geek

EDIT: I think I remember the word for that crap they play in elevators and lift lobbies circa early-90s. Muzak. I THINK that's what it is. Or is Muzak something totally different?

I just thought I'd tell the world how much I love the new ad campaign for the Toyota master brand, "Can't Wait For Tomorrow".

In simple English, this means the new Aussie ad campaign for Toyota in general. Not a particular model.

The last car ads I liked so much were the Jaguar S-class launch with Sting in it, and the Mitsubishi overall one. (I think it was The Wallflowers on the sountrack) I think there was a Jeep one I liked, but I can't remember which 4WD it was really.

It's so good! And I've seen....4 executions of it. And how they all interlink among a mass of people. Publicis Mojo has done it again!

In other news, I may be going to Sydney for the weekend in an attempt to volunteer for Mercedes Fashion Week. All burglars are advised that I will be gone till Monday. (Gosh I'm already buying into the crazy lifestyle of ad execs. Scary)

LISTENING TO: Timmy Perez singing a cover of Dishwalla's Counting Blue Cars acoustic style. The girl should really consider going pro.