Saturday, April 30, 2005

looks different

This is no ordinary Risotto. This is duck risotto from The Lounge Bar in The Docklands.

what's so special you ask?

well, it LOOKS like risotto, the menu says it *is* Risotto, but this,

is a true example of looking one thing and being another.

because this risotto TASTES like duck rice.

Yes, duck rice.

I was there celebrating my ex-neighbour-in-college's birthday, and there were giant serves of food! The lamb looked like it could be GM given that it was about a quarter the size of my femur (now now, no midget jokes please)

She paid for everything in the end, and we polished off dessert at the gelati place opposite after dinner before taking rides to her place in MURRUMBEENA.

I got a helluva kick watching The Dictator's GPS system TALK. I'd seen GPS systems before (and thought they were the coolest thing ever) but to see it talk was fun and annoying all at the same time.

We got to see her new pad she shares with her fiance and her best friend, and watched her neighbour's cat eat a rat.

It was DISGUSTING. When we were there, it was still literally playing with its food, batting the rat with her paws and the rat fighting back before she simply picked the rat up. EW.

To make us all feel better, we decided to go all girly and see what her engagement outfit looked like and watched Russell Peters before driving home along Princes.

Friday night, Princes Highway. It can only mean one thing.


We were entertained all the way from Murrumbeena to the Chapel St turnoff by Chapel Kids drag racing each other Chapel Style.

Unlike traditional drag races (usually held out in the country and the outskirts), or even the Indonesian ones (held in some strange area in the city), or even the old traffic light challenge, this is traffic light challenge with a difference.

The kids line up at the lights, rev, and then start off, but before they even hit the speed limit, they break. The race is over, the competition based purely on acceleration. Well, I lie. They don't hit the speed limit because there are traffic lights.

Once these kids hit Chapel, they will proceed to do extremely slow drive-bys round and round and round the block, revving their engines, watching people on the curb watch them and they themselves keep their eyes peeled watching other cars. What's the latest in modifications, what's the latest in car fashions.

This may go on for hours, and fights have broken out before. Elite shopping district by day, this place is a car show by (Friday and Saturday) night.

The Dictator chose a safe distance, (we caught up with the racers at every single traffic light anyway since they were staying within legal limits) and we watched with much bemusement.

Here's a modified Corolla, not a good shot, but from our perspective (and the rearview mirror) this one looked like a bug. A blue-eyed bug.

so that was my night in a nutshell. Although I have to say the highlight still is duck rice-risotto.

and if you want to see photos of us, well then, you'll have to look for them in my albums. :)


sway said...

so now I can officially call myself The Lounge Room duck risotto- I'm an asian everyone thinks is white on the inside, but when you bite in, I'm still obviously asian!

since I can't be an egg because, you know, cholesterol in the yolk and all that.

おにぎりまん said...

Duck risotto. Man hat sounds way to rich for me... though I'd like a bite... heheeheh