Thursday, May 12, 2005


"Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own"--Johathan Swift


Following post is about nothing BUT Singapore. Those not interested would do well to keep away or run away screaming at Singapore overload.

I give up. I'm not the political type and all, but I'm caving in to the AcidFlask issue because this is preposterous.

read this

then read this and this


read the comments just to get an idea.

(If you're interested in the AcidFlask issue, read this or just go to and search for acidflask - then of course, read how the world has been told about the decision not to sue the poor sod because we're (or Mr. Yeo is) so mangnanimous and if you're really really interested, here's the direct link to SMH's version of events)

Reuters, AFP...there's no better way.

Aren't we just a beacon of liberty

And you wonder why we're so stressed and we have the least sex in the world (and has become a matter of National Security).

According to its 2003 study, Singapore ranked last for the second year in a row in the frequency with which men and women reported "having sex"—96 times per year, or eight times a month on average. (Hungary ranked first last year, by the way, averaging 152 rolls in the hay per annum). (Durex sex survey)

THEN AGAIN, the whole world's turning into Singapore

I guess that's one way to deal with world population.

and in lighter issues,

How about the rest of the world catching up with the Singapore rich-man sydrome?

Please note that some of the links are intended for sarcastic comment. Bloody people with no sense of humour.

Here's a bloody legal disclaimer (as per my media law studies form 2 years ago)

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Just in case you suckers didn't understand "Sarcasm" and "Satire".

As if I really like Muzak and Billy Ray Cyrus.

For more sarcasm, if you actually like that kind of stuff, please refer to this post. Oh we're so full of the milk of human kindness this month aren't we. <---also sarcastic comment.


Anonymous said...

aiyoh garmen liddat usual lah! wad 2 do (exaggerated singlish)

Anonymous said...

its 3:14am. just sent u a message. just read one of the links. then read the rest of your post. i love you babe!

Lucius said...

It cannot succeed as a matter of fact, that's what I suppose.
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