Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have an Asian Values induced headache

Reading: Greg Sheridan- Asian Values, Western Dreams

you wonder why Singaporeans have such an identity crisis. Other than the fact that we're supposedly being told what to do and running (and blogging) around like infants. Or that we're such a young country.

I'm saying it's the shock of turning 1st world in less than a generation. And ASIAN VALUES.

The more I read about Asian Values, the more pedantic I'm getting.Quantum Physics is looking extremely appealing at the moment*.

In the spirit of a UNITED ASIA and MULTICULTURALISM and all that jazz I thought I'd reveal one of the best-kept secrets ever.

Absolut Pictures.

Start with Mulit and click on the sly little showreel on the left. It links in to all your arthouse advertising *ahem* I mean, movie needs!


Mulit is BRILLIANT. from the trailer to the final execution. It's simply. Whoa. Like the real thing, but shorter! The themes! The stock characters! The out-of-time lip synching! All that's missing is Shah Rukh Khan and his jiggly beer belly as he prances around despite being about 3 days away from dying of heart failure.

and the most astounding thing about Mulit? Is that it's directed by a Czech guy. Not an Indian. Someone's done their homework.

And the reason Absolut make these cool 'arthouse' shorts?

They embed the Absolut logo everywhere. You have to find them. It's Where's Wally without the pause button or wardrobe malfunction.

It's killing my bandwidth but I figure I can go to school and watch the rest. I watched the trailer for the Italian one and it looketh good. Very good.

One man, 5 wives. 5 wives get together for revenge, including a very very disturbing scene involving all 5 wives crowding round a bunch of grapes (more than a double entrende here!) and snipping the er, dangling outlyer off.


When oh when are they going to do a kung-fu flick?

Absolut Authentic. (oh shut up. I can be as trite as I want to. It's late, and I'm not being paid for this)

* gross exaggeration. I could never do vectors in high school, and if I can't do maths in the 3rd dimension I have a snowball's chance in hell of doing maths in the 4th, 5th (6th?) dimensions.