Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I just went to Melbourne uni in my pyjamas.

I thought 'well ok, it's just down the road, zip in zip out, I won't see anyone'

After all, I graduated about 2 years ago from that uni.

How wrong I was.

Gee, how could I have forgotten, about 80% of my high school gets into that uni. PER YEAR. Sheeeesh.


Daggy Year 12 jumper, check
track pants in an unflateering cut that have since expanded and look even more unflattering check
in an unflattering colour check
huge baggy tee underneath check
sticking out from under the jumper in crumpled rumpled glory check
bad hair check
eyebags check
ever-expanding pimple colony check check check.


amidst the 150 year old heritage buildings, the happy flitting birds, the rolling green grass, the huge statues, rock fountains and old old trees, is me, train wreck du jour.

Bumping into one of those fakers from my high school didn't help either. She's so fake her earrings are less plastic than she is.

And when she gave me a pitying once over, I simply smiled as I continued walking, "sorry have to run! bye!"

I'd forgotten there were such things as double degrees.


oh and SHOCK!

there is no serpentine queue the length and breadth of China in front of Plush anymore! What has the world come to!

No queue, no overly made-up girls snapping 'ginger, soy, wasabi' before you even get to the counter, no hip music pumping out, Oh Salvatore, why did you sell Plush?

That was one of the essential Melbourne University experiences! Right up there with the Ballieu Library sub-Saharan temperatures, The South Lawn picnics, Naughtons, the 'dophins are humans too' sign, (now replaced by a sign nearby that says 'this way for dolphins turning into humans'), the smelly gym (now replaced by state-of-the-art-gym) the socialist left-wing protests!

There are entire Farrago articles dedicated to the queue in front of Plush! What happened?!?!