Wednesday, May 04, 2005


things you learn while writing an essay about Singapore

What is known about the durian is that the ripe flesh is a complex hybrid of volatile sulfurous compounds, not all of which have been identified. These compounds oxidise upon exposure to air and are responsible for the complex flavours that develop.

Maybe it's all those compounds combined with alcohol that kill. Not all that 'heaty' 'cooling' stuff. Although that is an oxymoron is it not? Since something is 'heaty' or 'cooling' because of it's components.


you know when you read it like that, it makes durians sound so darned freaky. No wonder white people freak out. They hear stories about unidentified sulphuric compounds, see this spiky killer thing, smell something akin to rotting flesh, and you wonder why they wouldn't go near durians with a 10ft pole.

I'm starting to wonder why a horror movie involving durians hasn't been made yet.

The article also states that Thais actually pick their durians. The reason why Malaysians and Singaporeans don't like Thai durians is because they're not ripe enough for us.

comments enabled just in case chalyz *ahem ahem* wants to tell me about the Kadayawan Festival.

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haha. rebonded hair girls galore in Commerce! I know, I know. What the hell do I care. HAHAHAHAH.