Sunday, September 11, 2005

no kiss! no kiss!

I know you guys are all sick of hearing about my puffy cheeks, but honestly. When you tell people "don't kiss, wisdom tooth operation on both sides" and they insist on doing the TWO cheek kissy kissy thing, it's painful.

Thing is, when it's a farewell meetup (Sunshine Girl's going back to New York) and everyone's excited to see everyone else, all this cheek kissing ensues. And people just look and go "AAHHHHH!!! YOU!!!!!" and rush to kiss you before you can say baby food diet.

and you explain it once, but then more people arrive and pounce on you. Rinse and repeat.

and so you end up shrieking "don't kiss! no kiss!" which makes you sound like a SMINT ad really, and before you can explain or shove a beer in their faces as distraction, they're rubbing stubble all over you. And then you belatedly explain "I just got 2 wisdom teeth taken out 3 days ago. OW"

and they'll wince. and be all sympathetico. and ask you why you cancelled your flight, and why you disappeared off the planet. And once in a while you make some smart remark that since one of them works at an agency called Outer Space, he's the one really, who isn't on this planet.

And then when you leave, they all kiss( or hug if they remember) you again.

ech. So now my cheeks have been sandpapered by Stu's stubble and had pressure applied upon by everyone else.

Listening to: Lighthouse Family- Ain't No Sunshine


The Green Fairy said...

Again, at least you dun smoke. When I had mine out, it was torture to open my mouth to inhale and exhale. But, one day, kissing might seem pleasurable again!!

Anonymous said...

poor baby. i hope your cheeks stop swelling real soon!
ps, who was the shift manager on fri?

Anonymous said...

I had four out last thursday...

I look like a damn chipmunk.

What drugs are you on?

Cheers, Godbless.

sway said...

just antibios joe. I stopped painkillers after day 3 due to unstoppable bleeding.