Thursday, September 08, 2005

I hate slapstick

but somehow I still enjoyed Kung Fu Hustle.

For years I've been avoiding Stephen Chow movies because Stephen Chow= Slapstick and
Myst !=Slapstick. But due to the gazillions of people who've told me they loved Shaolin Soccer, and then said Kung Fu Hustle was even better, I was like.....ohhhhhhkay........*suspiciously turns around* This isn't some American Pie/Not Another Scary Movie thing is this?

I sat through Wedding Crashers cringing. That shows my limit.

But yes, I actually enjoyed Kung Fu. and I finally understand what LCCC meant when he said that Stephen Chow was famous for "nonsense comedy". (Mo Lei Tou?????)

and why didn't anyone tell me Stephen Chow was kinda, sorta, in a weird way cute? Like how Johnny Depp is creepy cool drop dead sexy cute? and Keanu is His Royal Dudeness himself?

Maybe it was his wit. and his floppy hair.

I am such a lian. Worst of all. I am a lian who's a sucker for wit.

heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy. I know I've said before that I like guys with whatever hair, so long as it suits them, and that still am I supposed to help it if 42 year olds have floppy hair that really suits them despite being 42?

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Anonymous said...

I would never fathom how could anyone not laugh at the knives & snake scene!

Cmon, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were pretty funny...

Anonymous said...

i hate hate HATE slapstick. i did not laugh at all throughout the whole kung fu hustle movie.

i still can't get over that cute waiter at tiamo. mmmm.

*hungry* just had my ct scan. i have another injection wound!

Indian Stallion said...

Ha I'm the exact opposite. I hated Hustle, but loved Wedding Crashers.

But I absolutely hated Scary Movie, worst movie I ever saw.