Thursday, September 22, 2005

Conversations on a coin

please note all conversations were 3-way.


I'm off to the Long Room tonight. Do you know what it's like on a Thursday?

No idea. But it's horrible Friday, Saturday.

I KNOW! I made the huge mistake of trying to celebrate my birthday there on a Friday night. And the crowd. It's horrible!

Oh you mean, right after work?

No no, as in like, even 10pm.

What's it like?

Over-crowded, the queue is literally across the hall, and once you're in, you can't walk. And all these sleazy men in suits try t
o pick you up. Such a pity coz it's a really nice place, and there's really good food and drinks.

Yeah. I told you! All these horrible men in suits, really woggy.

Nah. Not really woggy, but really sleazy.

Don't got to The Trust either. you know that place where they do stock exchange on buying and selling of beers?

ew. Been there gross. Ultimate sleazebags

Where the hell are you people talking about?!??


Happy birthday sweetheart. Love this place on a thursday. Quiet, and Nina Simone!

yeah, I love it every day of the week.

I don't. Fridays get too crowded...

Ahhh. It depends on what you come in for! I like to come in for pre-dinner drinks. You meet so many funny and interesting people here! You come here not with a posse, just ONE *raises finger* girlfriend, raise hell for two hours, and leave.

*laughs* you go girl!

Listening to: Robbie Trippin'


Anonymous said...

i wanna go to the trust! where is it???

sway said...

flinders it I think

are you sure? sleazy suits stockbroking beers. eech.

Anonymous said...

Aww... you remembered. How sweet.

I saw the comment, but was too knackered to reply.

Don't be a stranger now.

Cheers, Godbless.