Sunday, September 18, 2005

ethics of a to-do list

and I don't mean that in a carnal sort of way.

I mean one of those grocery lists.

sort of like this:

1) Grocery Shopping (refer to shopping list)
2) Laundry
3) Post Office to send xxx off
4) Pay Phone Bills
5) Pay xxx Bill
6) Check out xxx at XXX shop
7) today is XX day! XX comes out today! Buy!


is it wrong to add

8) call mum

or worse 8.5) call mum re: xxxxxxx


I mean. I've heard a few friends express disbelief that I say things like

"Oh yeah. Must remember to call xxx tonight"

and they're must be SPONTANEOUS.

I'm like.

Okay honey. You try squeezing 26 hours into a day, and SPONTANEOUSLY calling people up.

It's not like I *don't* want to call people you know. I do, which is WHY I make the note in the first place! Especially if I know they want/need to talk.

and yes. I know I call like, once in 2 years when they don't and I'm just touching base. But I do call. Eventually.

Listening to: The Little Mermaid- Kiss the Girl


Anonymous said...

call me! *sighs*

charlene said...

I'm the same. I have to remind, and then drag myself by the scruff of the neck to the phone to call anyone, be they friends, parents, whatever. It's so intrusive, the telephone.

Email is easier, that way you can arrange to meet up so you're all agreeing to me intrusive but have the pleasure of one anothers' company.

Course, this doesn't work long distance, but heck =)

Jayson said...

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