Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Have you heard X'Ho's Cover Backside?

Everybody be dumb, don't speak, don't stick your neck out. don't feel don't think just follow, love the trend it's a brand new dance, follow from the top and the top says cover backside


well. how about you say you're lucky someone misspelt your name so you can still go back to Singapore and hold your head up? that's covering your backside with 3 layers and some seal pelt.

I mean, Melbourne is famous for layering, but it's been pretty warm lately.

Anyway. here's an article in Time about Singlish. I thought she was being a little melodramatic but she made her point. (and I REALLY hated her Mammon Inc book, over-battering people over the head with Christian analogies does NO book any favours. She should take a leaf out of Dan Brown's er, collection. You want me to read Christian novels? I'll head to the Word bookshop, or read the Daily Bread. Thanks.)

and if anyone wants the book, sorry. I set it free in Bookcrossing where it got similarly abyssmal reviews

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Anonymous said...

the name chris ho and the mention of the word backside always reminds me of the story my dad once told me - of how he and a group of pranksters used to chase down chris ho in sec sch and literally kick his ass. weird huh? maybe a remnant of childhood reminiscing!

on another note, you're going to get a tattoo? in chinese? no offence but that feels real cheesy. saw an ang moh who had the words "ai mei" emblazoned on her arm like a walking joke. i say rethink, two cents' worth anyway