Tuesday, September 27, 2005

well, at least we have a sense of humour

image courtesy of I_Am_Adam

We may be stressed out and overworked at the cafe where I work, but at least we have a sense of humour.

I took a photo of the following conversation, but by 3G LG Phone refuses to detect a port, so I'm writing it out instead.

In the storeroom, on the whiteboard where we keep tabs of our stock in the freezer is a list of stuff that we stock.

And 2 of the headings include "Cookies". But we have no cookies in the storeroom, they're all in the freezer inside the shop premises itself- so beside the cookies, someone wrote (literally)

"Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar :D"

and someone replied

"Not Me! (Actually they're in the shop freezer silly)"

and someone else wrote

"Bored mofo"

and the very last comment

"Get back to work!"

What was really funny was that they were all written by different people with vastly different handwriting- and it was just.... a pleasant surprise when you have to reach the cage by way of ladybrinthe-esque walkways that make you feel like you're lost in that really old Windows screensaver with the red brick walls.

Like picking up money on the street.

Listening to: End of Fashion- O Yeah!


Speaking of weird signs, there's a green and white exit sign above the door that leads to my internship toilets.

(image courtesy of flickr.com's beesquare)

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