Sunday, September 25, 2005

I don't know.

Things are falling into place. and things are seeming out of place.

More and more, I belive in fate. Not the western concept, which requires past actions in a present life, and which involves divine providence as such.

It's all about you matey.

and more and more, I come closer to having yuanfen tattooed on my right hip.

PLACE: decided.

DESIGN: decided



Also, I've got a stinking HAWT partay coming up on Thursday. The theme is "white top, and jeans"

which doesn't sound so hot until I tell you the heating's gonna be turned up and they're spritzing everyone with water pistols!


so. I need an opinion on white tops because I LOVE WHITE and I have white tops galore. HMMMMMMM.

Please keep in mind that given that this is held in the infamous Loft (yes, Slinky, THE LOFT) I expect to be dancing on tables at some point in time during the night.

what? me? exhibitionist?'s just that I promised my friend who's leaving back to Thailand forevermore! How can I refuse????

So anyway, if I post up all the white tops, are you guys going to give me opinions or not?



I have $0.23 in my bank account. I'm accepting all major credit cards. Do YOU love me?

you do realise I'm kidding about accepting money right?


Anonymous said...

are they going to turn the heating up? oh noo! red face galore! and myst i do love you!

ps chapel tattoo site is scary!

Anonymous said...

hello babe, just checked the tattoo shop webbie... r they of good reputation? must send me the design! how much? Remember to request for new needles! If not make sure all the equipments r in sterile packs!