Saturday, September 17, 2005


Alright, it must be said.


How come my more-lesbian-than-straight bisexual friend has the hots for a hot girl, then has her even hotter childhood guy friend hit on my friend?

HOW? HOW!!!!????!!!!!

I need to get out more.


The Green Fairy said...

They ain't where I am that's for sure. Try Germany, Canada or some far off place like that. When I was younger, I used to pretend my soulmate lived in Iceland. :p
That's why I'll never meet him. Chin up MYst, there must be SOME in Melbourne

Anonymous said...

hey. tiamo waiter wasn't bad. i reckon he's one of the better looking guys i've seen around here.

i feel so... down (for lack of a better word). continuation from zaleti breakfast. need to talk.

sway said...

tiamo? I like Dominis Keanu better. Or ex-Zaletis bald guy. Hotness man.

Fairy: nah. I realise it's because I really don't get out enough. Life = wake up, work, chores and errands, home, sleep. I work 7 day weeks!

Chalyz: Yes. and I've booked you in Wed evening dinner/coffee...whichever I can make.

sway said...

oh. and I don't believe in your soulmate being your life-partner-you-love. I believe there's more than one, and they can be friends.

e.g. Chalyz. and a guy who reads this blog but never comments.

and then there's the almost soulmates. The soulkins? Like alaia, ulagafayz, fukuneh, gerri.

and then there's the really good friends. hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Too much or not! How can such a thing happen! Nothing happens in this excuse of an earth aka purgatory.

You must hunt that friend down and find out how things went after. I bet by now, the guy would have trodden all over her poor bruised *like shit run over thrice* ego.

Chin up love!

oh yeah, when you find her, please remember to like erm, answer all her questions. Especially the insecure and anal ones... I heard good deeds like those tend to bestow onto the deed-doer many cute guys...


sway said...

trust me, I answer ALL her questions. even the ones like "too much or not!"

I lub you long time.

Anonymous said...

i'm officially an spg.