Thursday, September 15, 2005

random post in lieu

These are stubs. Will expand on at least one or two of them.

  • people think I'm about 25-27. (poll of people who know me from everywhere)
  • Gerri got her foot run over by a car while out for dinner with me and my guardians.
  • I think I jinx all my friends
  • Interning in advertising makes you watch your weight.
  • My recent interest in suits and other assorted work wear is not welcome.
  • I can chew again. But not very well. Tonight's dinner? Batterless lemon chicken, plum rice and egg with snow peas.
  • Everyone in advertising is good looking. It's frightening. (and classy English accents are sexy. I'm not talking David Beckham or Burmingham accents here)
  • My boss (the day job) accused me of saying something typically Asian female. He then went on to say something irrefutably male.
  • I am in an 80s late night sappy love song mood. Actually. It's more like a rampage. I need song titles. Mind you, I already have many. But please. Name me more. I need more. There are so many that I don't have.
  • mmmm FOOD.
Listening to: Wilson Phillips- Daniel/Bryan Ferry- Slave to Love/The Cars- Drive/Phil Collins- Seperate Lives

told you I was in an 80s sappy love song mood.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wilson Phillips ... Man, I miss them. I'm waiting for the reunion.

Anonymous said...



we miss our babies!