Saturday, June 04, 2005

nassim rd princess

Princess reckons this pic looks like I'm a Sixth Ave/Nassim Rd Princess i.e. a Singaporean Bergdorf Blonde. (1st page here)


As an aside, isn't there some other road where all these rich kids live? More exclusive than Queen Astrid Park? Cowie once told me but I forgot. He described it as more "old rich" particularly due to the privacy it provides in the form of high hedges I think. Where are all my rich kid friends? *cough cough cough* Someone tell me leh. I wanna be in the know! (as if there's such a thing as not being in the know in an island 24km wide with a population of 4mil) Maybe it *is* Nassim Rd. What about Caldecott Hill? or the Orchard folk? and where on earth do the East elite stay?

That's not calling everyone who lives in Nassim/Queen Astrid/6th Ave shallow though. Just that it's a prerequisite to be ridiculously rich to be a Singaporean Bergdorf Blonde, so you guys automatically qualify for 1 point of criteria. (Sorry lah. I know there's at least one resident who reads my blog- and she's hardly stupid, vapid, spoilt or shallow. Three if I think hard enough.)

I don't want to be a spoilt self absorbed shallow prat!

I still think shallow is one of the worst things to be called, even worse than stupid.

As things go, I'd rather be smart than pretty, and I'd rather be stupid than shallow.

Besides, I don't live at those addresses.

Ah well.

I forgot to tell the world.

I'm considering a 2nd masters. not because I'm a hopeless academic enamoured with my oh-so-brilliant textbook authors, but because the 2nd masters will only take 6 months and enable me to get surefire PR!


I think I'll wait till after I've seen the migration agent. Because I may take over a job being vacated by someone coming over if I don't get PR. *sighs*

I don't know.

I don't even know where home is.

just to prove I'm not a princess.

Me sans makeup, but heavily B&W-ed because I'm BLOODY CHEATING. and oh yes. This is the SECOND LAST POST WITH PICTURES!!!! HA!!!!!

P/S It just occurred to me that if you did a (literally) cross-country marathon, then you'd actually run off the island, because a semi-marathon is 21km is it not? Ha. *amused*


Anonymous said...

I think the really really rich live in Orange Grove Orchard... Oh there's this really premium condo/apartment or something situated in Orchard Rd within a hotel itself, but I can't exactly remember which one.

The rich East elites live probably along the stretch of East Coast, but I think most of them are found along Bayshore and stuff like that...


Anonymous said...

you're too kind. i seriously love that photo of you. please update me on the migration agent thingamajig. and YES GO FOR YOUR MASTERS! i'm a devil's advocate i know but i love you myst!!! *hysterical*

redshot said...

Go for the 2nd Masters ! Just 6 more months .. what a steal !

And I say, Katong and Siglap are the names for those in the East.

Unknown said...

*grin* Nassim most exclusive ... it is the highest priced area in ... Singapore Monopoly leh!

Anonymous said...

go go go! collect more degrees!

sway said...

Jctang: oh how I loathe it. You have NO IDEA I think I've made numerous posts on it back on my old watering hole....but you knew that.

Anonymous said...

Its so nostalgic to be reading your blog once again. Strangely.... I went back to my Xanga with the last post dating back to mid 2003.

I bet I've got more moles than you. Elbow down, I've got 30 moles on my left arm... .

Cheers. Whats your name ?

sway said...

why don't you tell me yours?

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