Sunday, June 12, 2005


some things amuse the crap out of me. Like the fact that I just did a meme called "What Singaporean blogger are you?"

It makes more sense when you realise it was written by Kenny Sia (who's Malaysian), but becomes really really funny when the answer to that question is obviously

"silvermyst. DUH"

however, I am apparently Scarlett Ting.

Consider me very amused.

The soundtrack in my mind: for the very first time in a long time, I had classical music in my head. Vivaldi's four seasons. I think it was Autumn. how apt.

well, for a while I had Team America OST Kim Jung Il's "I'm sho roneree" in my head. but hey. that was when WhiteTrash and I were cracking jokes about weapons of mass distraction. (after Leese, WhiteTrash and I were having extended coversations about butt cracks and underwear showing when we bend over. WT sometimes leave labels out on purpose to show people how small she is (HAHAHAH!!!) Leese believes in "Better undies than crack" and I am stauch advocate of "No undies and crack" )


Just got back from Lees'es 30th birthday cum farewell party at The Long Room (if you have bandwidth click this instead). Off to Sweden she goes!

I got her a pair of Pink Uggs

Uggs to remind her of Australia while being practical for Sweden, and pink because it's one of her favourite colours. (I personally found the purple and maroon ones cute)

We're joking that she should

*puts on really ocker Aussie accent* "put it on to the milk bar on the corner to get me milk"

Photos will be up as soon as I photoshop them. I have been warned that I will be photoshopping on the pain of death if I don't.

Things like flash photography doing strange things to nice people. (distorting features, revealing colour of undies etc)


Val has this to say about SPG's recent pics.

I personally reckon that if you're on her site, you're bloody opting in. and as Val says, her escapades are far more "brow raising" than her nude pictures, particularly since the pics are Classical Nudes.

I personally like SPG, which of course, is the reason why I have a link to her.


Anonymous said...

i didn't realise you've passed me the musical baton. :P I'll do it once I've sorted out my music stash properly.

Anonymous said...

lucky girl. i stayed at home instead and tried to study.
hurry hurry and post the pics! missin you already!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that's quite a common misconception.

The Emerald hill area is actually one on the places with the highest concentration of caucasians along the orchard stretch. (Largely due to the now defunct Papa Joe's and ICB) And therefor, it's prime hunting grounds for spg looking to score a farang boyfriend.

Cheers, Godbless.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a common misconception actually.

The Emerald Hill area is on of the places with the highest concentrations of caucasians along the orchard road stretch (largely due to the now defunct Papa Joe's and ICB situated at perenakan place).

Therefore, it's prime hunting grounds for spg's looking to score a farang boyfriend.

Unbeknownest to most s'poreans,it also has several charming and cosy watering holes perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Too bad about the spg's though...

Cheers, Godbless.