Wednesday, June 01, 2005

and the fotologging begins aka it's tough being green

In response to vampuke "I think I'm Korean".

I'm like....can't decide if I'm Jap OR Korean. Liddat how?

I walk into Korean groceries and the people behind the counter will start speaking to me in Korean. I bought something from a Japanese stall at the Bondi market and the Jap lady asked me if I was. Truth is. I'm peranakan chinese.

and since I photograph rather badly, I always turn out looking different in each and every photo anyway. The two above are just...the most Korean/Jappy looking ones I could find.

I remember the most amusing experience I had with looking Korean and Jap was when I first entered uni and all these Asians wanted to talk to me because they thought I was Jap. Some even insisted black and blue that I *must* have a throwback somwhere.

This of course, was before they realised I was Singaporean, gave a collective "chey" and walked off.

*sighs* well I guess at least I don't have to capitalise on/cope with Singaporean stereotypes. The Singapore Girl has ALOT to answer for (especially when plastered all over the net), as does the entire commerce faculty of Melbourne Uni. and Annabelle Chong. and Fann Wong.

5Cs? What's that?


Anonymous said...

at least you don't look different each time i see you *pats* been ages since i ent to king bo. don't remember if the food was good. btw, put up the pic that i like *grin grin grin*

bun said...

Women from Singapore are among the most beautiful in Asia. Ask any angmoh who's travelled a bit. Think it's that our bloodlines are not very "pure".

And yes, in those pics, you definitely look foreign. Heh.

Anyway, the beauty of Japanese and Korean women is over-rated. They must use the same good plastic surgeon, which would account for their mysteriously ugly and unrecognisable yearbook pics, and "separated at birth" look of their artistes.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I agree with princess. Did you know that Koreans have the most plastic surgery in Asia? Japan's prob second, I reckon.

I think Sg women are beautiful. And in some way, confident of how we look. Not many female city-dwellers can walk the street sans makeup.

solipsist3 said...

Your eyes are elven, your nose denotes noblility, and your luscious lips are undoubtedly of divine are freakishly beautiful! :p

Anonymous said...

You serious about the 5C's? How long you been over there man?

Cheers, Godbless.

sway said...

chalyz: *sighs* but it means I don't actually know what I look like!

princess: you reckon? I think we all look like CLONES. pretty, but droid-ish. and sometimes far too skinny. (think stef sun)

jimmy: *giggle* and yeah. Japanese to Chinese Asian peoeple = pr0n, race queens, hentai, schoolgirls, streetfashion and very pretty innocent girls. (like namie amuro, ayumi(not so innocent) and utada hikaru
nove: yeah! all these jap fashion mags advertising plastic surgery procedeures. SCARY! *ahem* I walk around everywhere sans makeup.

wannasink: my eyes are chinky, my nose looks like half a pear with a fishball hanging off the end, and my lips are average.

grey: no. I was being sarcastic.

sway said...

jimmy: oh and on the korean front: hyori and BoA

Anonymous said...