Friday, June 24, 2005

blogging with mendhi

such is my dedication to this blog, I'm typing with one hand and basting the other an inch away from the heater.


because I just got mendhi-ed. As in I just had a professional lady henna my hands.

It's got to do with a 2-day engagement ceremony ritual.Today's the Indian section, tomorrow it's the western-ish section.

The Indian equivalent of the chinese tea ceremony was done today- gifts were exchanged, and that prayer candle thing was waved around, and the red dye pressed onto everyone's foreheads.

mendhi took a while, and I decided to only do one hand which of course is why I can still type, open car doors for myself, and eat without someone feeding me.

the tradition is that the darker the mendhi, the warmer the person's heart, so most women do things like wrap their hands in plastic bags/cling wrap before they go to bed. My hand s flaking extremely severely though, because the lady forgot to make me rub my hands with eucalyptus oil before I started and it's starting to resemble a giant lump. I'm considering scraping it all off to prevent blotchiness in colour and pattern, sine it's coming off inside the bag as we speak. In giant flakes, no less.

If they call me a cold-hearted bitch, well then I guess they're right!

Hmmm.....but then I'll have to steam the cloves tonight.

Nah. too lazy. Tommorrow.