Sunday, February 27, 2005


I'm waiting for the washing machine and dryer to free up, kinda listening to L&O: Criminal Intent, and waiting for NCIS to start (because L&O's nearly done and there's no point watching the last 5 minutes now is there?)

Well, shopped like the blitz, ended up buying the black jumper and the shrug. Checked out my pimpin' jacket, decided I'll buy it tomorrow.

While on Chapel, which I haven't been down for a while, I watched the Prahran/Toorak mums mosey down the streets, buying organic produce and gourmet products at Prahran market, and generally shopping up a storm everywhere else.

A weird fashion I've noticed, is dog owners dressing like their dogs.

There was a Paris-Hilton wannabe, all of 13 maybe? Carrying a teacup chihuahua in her arm (not arms) on her head a leopard print bandeau, and a matching collar around the dog's neck. Behind her, another hippie-kaftan chick carrying another teacup chihuahua had some indian beadwork on her dog's collar.

2 black shi-tzus one larger than the other walked past. Both had a top-knot tied with a red ribbon. Cute?

Not so on a reed-thin 40-ish woman with bad skin that looks like she stayed up all night snorting coke, attached to the dogs with- you guessed it- matching red leashes.

Scary scary scary.

Limit the dressing alike thing to your significant others please.