Thursday, February 17, 2005

sex according to my boss

My boss is a funny funny man.

One of the managers came in from the bank drooling like she'd lost her front teeth.

"Oh. My. God." she yells

"There's the cutest Asian guy down at our bank!"

My boss starts smiling.

"He's tall, he Asian, he's CUTE, and he speaks perfect English!"

my boss is trying not to lose a grip on the coffee jug he's holding.

My manager's statement may sound weird considering we are in Asutralia, until you realise we bank in Chinatown....and she's also 176cm tall.

He bends down (because I'm a midget) and quietly says

"you know, guys don't mind being objectified. Unlike women. In fact, we quite like it."

He almost breaks out into a laugh.

I'm trying not to drop the desserts I'm hanging onto.

He's a funny funny man.