Tuesday, February 08, 2005

gong xi fa cai

we're doing some sort of Chinese New Year thing over here being new year's eve and all...and since we're in Aussie, we're assimilating.

We're having a BBQ. HAHAHAHAHA. As if Gerri and I aren't assimilated enough.

We are also having yu sang though and apparently it's only a Singapore thing. In-teresting.

and me? well, being the peranakans gerri and I are, we're doing fusion. I've got the ikan bakar. I believe she's got the kueh-kueh covered. My nails are stained with tumeric. This sucks.

Over 8 gay men and about 5 straight guys and 3 straight girls. PhD's girl has never met a homosexual in her life before and is petrified. PhD and I are suitably amused.

StoryGuy is homophobic but is coming to see what all the fuss of "chinese thanksgiving" is all about. (it's my fault - that's the best analogy I could come up with, besides demanding that wearing black would entitle him to being unceremoniously kicked out)

This is going to be one in-teresting night.

NB: In-teresting is meant to be pronounced the way it's spelt. Emphasis on "IN" as in Mr. Burns-style IN-teresting.

P/S No I haven't gotten rid of my fear of dead fish, my love for food just far outweighs my fear of dead fish. I cover the fish face with alo foil and slice, baste and grill away.

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