Friday, February 04, 2005

rant of the non-feminist

I've made this assertion many many times, but I'd still like to clarify that I'd hardly call myself a feminist.

That said, this recently struck me.

Why is it that when a high-profile relationships and marriages break up it's always the woman's fault?

Even in the case of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman where Tom was seen as the guilty party (and even then it didn't hurt his star power), Penelope Cruz still has a bad rep.

Recently, the Brad-Jen breakup has everyone talking.

However, the cover of a tabloid caught my eye today

Under Angelina Jolie's face was emblazoned the bright red bold text

"Every woman's worst nightmare"

Other than accusing of my darling Angelina of being the guilty party, other mags have focussed on Jen's "new guy" who probably isn't -while other mags say Brad and Jen are "dating....each other".

The furore is incessant.

However, they're pretty consistent on this. Brad hasn't copped any flack at all. Jen's been accused of being the "bad wife" because (another headline) she's "shattered his adoption dreams"AND "doesn't want to get pregnant" while working on her career.

Oh GEE. why don't you turn it around?

Brad has been

"imposing on Jen to give birth to babies" and "forcing her to adopt"

WHY NOT??????

alright let's tackle Angelina. Other than the fact that I am personally affronted because I consider her the sexiest person, male or female, walking this earth and well, if guys are falling like flies then she just can't help it right? *bimbotic imperious hand wave*

but seriously, that headline was a bit much. Every woman's worst nightmare? Are you sure it's not (almost) every woman's wet dream?

Even if she's a man eater, why not vilify Penelope the same way?

Well, actually, they did.

Or how about Delta Goodrem and her new Brian Westlife story. The only reason why she isn't bigger news is because she's got cancer and er....she deserves pity. (please note that I'm not being insensitive here - I have many friends and family who have died of or who are suffering from cancer. I just don't believe that having cancer absolves you from blame)

However Mr Brian gets NO FLACK.

Or how about Posh and Becks. It's all Posh's fault for leaving her man alone in Madrid because she doesn't like the food?????